Bill to Rename ‘Tonoshiro’ to ‘Tonoshiro Senkaku’ triggered tensions between Japan and China.

A group of islands which are located in south china sea without inhabitants is a matter of concern and disagreement between china and japan since 1972. The island is known by the name Senkakus in Japan, while in the People’s Republic of China the Islands are known by the name Diaoyu. Presently those islands are governed or administered by administrative authority of Ishigaki city of Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture.
The islands are located in the southern part of Japan, the entire area under which the Senkaku Islands are located is known by the name Tonoshiro in Japan.

Japan’s Ishigaki city assembly passed a bill to rename an administrative area covering a group of islands in the East China Sea, immediately triggering backlash from China and Taiwan, both of which also claim the uninhabited islets as their own.
The assembly changed the name of the southern Japan area containing the Senkaku Islands from “Tonoshiro” to “Tonoshiro Senkaku,” which both Beijing and Taipei see as an attempt to cement Tokyo’s claim by inserting the Japanese name “Senkaku.”
China immediately slammed the latest decision by Japan’s city, saying the islands and its affiliated islets are the country’s “inherent territory” and its determination to safeguard territorial sovereignty is “unswerving.”
The adoption of the so-called name change bill by Japan is a serious challenge to China’s territorial sovereignty. It is illegal and invalid stated by an official.

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