In the recent case of safoora zargar vs state.

Safoora zargar , who is 23-week pregnant was arrested by the Delhi police on the allegations that she delivered inflammatory speeches that disrupt the government functioning earlier this year.
The Delhi Police have filed a response before Delhi High Court stating that pregnancy cannot be treated as a factor to release safoora on bail.
The Police told them they have enough evidence which proves the involvement of Zargar in conspiring to destabilize the smooth functioning of the Government.
Delhi Police further stated that safoora was given the proper medical facility a separate cell has been given to her to lessen the chance of contracting Covid-19 to her.
Regular medical checkups, a special pregnancy diet, and the issue of cyst in her ovary were raised about that police had no idea about it.
The criminals who are pregnant cannot be bailed, there are many provisions in the law where delivery of a child is done in imprisonment.
751 FIRs have been registered and 14 people arrested so far, of which zargar was ninth to be arrested, the police have informed.
The following allegations were put on Zargar by Delhi Police.
• It was decided that the “anti-government feeling of Muslims” will be used at an appropriate time to destabilize the Government.
• The protests were carried out during the visit of US President Donald Trump to India “to attract international media attention to propagate a narrative that the Government of the day was anti-Muslim.”
• The accused was a key link to this “conspiracy” since the beginning. She also created a What Sapp group for the Jamia Coordination Committee to carry out the conspiracy. She was acting with other co-accused members of the JCC – Amanullah, Shifa ur Rahman, Meeran Haider, Asif Iqbal Tanha, and other suspects.
• Various provocative speeches rendered during the course of the CAA protests and visits to protest cites are stated to be to incite the feelings of other castes and communities.
• Chakka Jaams were carried out by her with the “sole intention and objective of escalation them into riots as borne out from the statements of witnesses.”
So Delhi police concluded there is no doubt that larger was not involved and bail should be rejected to her.
The bail was rejected and she was arrested soon registered at Jafar Abad police station in connection with riots.

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