“Discrimination” whether allowed for entertainment purpose or not


The entertainment industry is a business organized for the profit that can be an important medium for the communication of ideas, but it cannot discriminate on any ground.The recent study is even more inflammatory, demonstrating as, it as that much of the discrimination takes place behind the scenes.

Discrimination is not acceptable anywhere at least not in the industry which has pride of itself and being diverse in nature and  when such industry talks about civil rights then, if the case of discrimination emerge it will be absolutely against the pride of entertainment industry.It is a matter of concern that still such things are affecting the image and identity of industry even when constitution provides protection to each and every sector.


 The word discrimination is very wide, the severity of discrimination is determined by the severity of the violation of principle of equality. Our constitution makers tried the best to eliminate this word from the society by introducing article 14, equality of opportunity prohibits discrimination without reason, for just, fair, and equitable society. The primary service of the show is to entertain without hurting anybody’s sentimental feelings. Entertainment through shows is a business, but this is the responsibility of these show owner that any content in the show for the purpose of entertainment should not discriminate any section of the society at any level in anyway.

The main objective of the entertainment industry is to entertain the public domain without offending anybody’s dignity. For the mere purpose of entertainment discrimination in any way cannot be used.Rather entertainment industry works as an eye opener to end this discrimination from the society.

It is strange that liberal entertainment industry people because of their colour gender and sexual identity. Discrimination in the industry of entertainment is rampant, the chain of this discrimination needs to be break for the overall evolution and development of the industry in a positive way.Ethnicity must be adopted is an essential element for the entertainment purpose or in the entertainment show to protect dignity. Rational thinking and positive attitude are required to end this discrimination in the society. Discrimination now days become a way of entertainment and sometimes the entertainer discriminate personalities, communities,and gender, color, and caste basis.Basheshat Nath v. The Commissioner of Income Tax, Delhi & Rajasthan and Anr[1],it  was laid down that “article 14 protects us from both legislative and administrative tyranny of discrimination”. The Indian constitution itself restrict any kind of discrimination based on gender, sex, caste. Also, the Indian constitution under article 14 provides protection and equality to all the religions communities,races,and gender to enjoy theiri dentity. According to new study there has been exposed enormous discrepancies in entertainment industry. It is a matter of great concern the discrimination in the entertainment industry has been recently brought to fore by the absence of African American nominee for the academy awards for the straight second year. Not only as the actor in the movie and television shows representing the diversity of the population but also the entertainment industry is discriminated against women, minorities, and LGBT people in hiring and promotion.

The new study released on Monday by the media, diversity, and social change initiative of Southern California Annenberg school of communication and journalism provide a broad evaluation of the film and television industries. This evaluation includes an “inclusivity index” of 10 major media companies, including Disney and Netflix, rates every movie studio and most TV studios are failures.[2] On every level the industry failed to reflect the diversity of culture it portrays.

This studycode each film studio according to its percentage of female, minority, and LGBT character and of female writers and directors. Time Warner was stated course comma coming in at zero percent. Report concludes that the film industry” still function as a straight, white, boys club.” however some of the companies score higher in terms of television and digital offerings such as Disney and Amazon scoring 65 percent. It is a public wrong that must not be acceptable, and a strict action must be taken against the wrongdoer to prevent furtherance of any discriminatory act in coming year.Inthe case against Comcast, it was said reconstruction era federal law that gives “all persons” the same right to make and enforce contract as enjoyed by white citizens.[3]

In the Comcast Case [4]the racial discrimination is held wrong as it violates civil right of person.There is an exception that is not correct to say that recognition by an employer is implicit in the fundamental freedom to form an association. Forming an association is entirely independent and different from its recognition. Recognition of a union confers rights, duties, and obligations. No conferring of such rights, duties, and obligations on a union other than the recognised union does not put it on an inferior position nor the charge of discrimination can be entertained. The workplace is still a venue for discrimination. The concept of discrimination is not just confine to entertain purposes but also had negative impression on judiciary.  The increased taxes on entertainment sources is a discriminatory in nature, rejecting the children for enjoying the amusement park. In a leading case the newspaper owner was not allowing certain languages newspaper printing and delivery without any proper and reasonable grounds. Discrimination cannot be allowed for the purpose of entertainment because it will increase the possibility of curtailment fundamental rights of a person. Discrimination never let the world evolve and unite rather destruct the integrity and violates the principle of equality and justice.


Introduction of anti discriminatory laws can help to reduce discrimination. Proper education and dissemination of information, proper awareness is required. Also,entertainment industry and other networks are required to limit the reach of anti discrimination laws. The social behavioural change is required for the stable and equitable society.




Basheshat Nath v. The Commissioner of Income Tax, Delhi & Rajasthan and Anr


[1] https://indiankanoon.org/doc/761967/



[4]“Comcast Corp. v. FCC, 600 F.3d 642”

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