The Telangana High Court on Wednesday caused a commotion over entries made by the State Police to legitimize their utilization of lathis (twirly doos) while checking vehicles to “see whether coronavirus was available or not.”
The Court was managing a PIL moved raising complaint over police abundances submitted under the pretense of checking the consistence of limitations set up to control the spread of COVID-19 (Sheela Sara Mathews v. Province of Telangana and ors). While examining a counter-affirmation documented by Anjani Kumar IPS, the Court was amazed to take note of that while checking bikes stopped outside a house, the police had utilized lathis to see whether coronavirus was available or not.

The Court took basic note over different inconsistencies noted in the counter petitioned for the police. Nonetheless, the Court called attention to that injury reports and clinical reports to validate these police claims were missing. In one case, a charge was made that the police had harmed a crippled individual. “However the Police guarantees that he is a customary violator of the arrangements of the Motor Vehicles Act and upwards of thirteen Traffic Challans are there against him”, the Court noted, further including that, “none of these Traffic Challans have been submitted alongside the counter oath.”

While it had been submitted departmental activity had been started against certain reprobate cops, the Court noticed that the entries on the ultimate result of these activities were inadequate.

In one case, a viral video is said to have indicated a cop mishandling nearby people who had ventured out for food supplies. Neither the name of the reprobate police staff was uncovered, nor the ultimate result of the departmental enquiry started referenced, the Court noted.

“Accordingly clearly the right realities have not been referenced in the counter-sworn statement.” the Court included.
In this scenery, the Bench has now requested that the specialists present another report, specifying the accompanying perspectives
• the injury reports of the harmed people and their announcements, if any recorded by the police
• the progess made in the departmental enquiries, which have been started against the reprobate police work force.

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