Educationist Rajshree and Advocate Anindita Pujari ,filed a special petition before the Supreme Court. The appeal stated that close to 8.48 lakh students would be appearing for the Class 10 exams and that with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading, this exam “would pose the biggest risk to the lives and health” of these students. The plea also challenged  the May 27 order of the Karnataka High Court whereby no interference was made in the proposed Class 10 State board exams. The petitioner projected that, holding of  such exam during COVID-19 would more or less violates the –  Right to life  (Article 21) of the students.

The Court declined to interfere in the matter on the reasoning that,

1. The Karnataka High Court was right in holding that Constitutional Courts cannot interfere in academic matters

2. An alternative option of appearing at a later date has been provided. Therefore, if students cannot appear on June 25, then an exam can be taken 2 months later.

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