The bench consisted of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan.

On May 16th, Delhi Government had issued guidelines of Covid 19 and failed to out Block C of Defence Colony as a containment Zone. This was the basic issue of Hemant Singh’s Petition.

In response to this, Delhi Government stated that only few households in a lane was covid infected, such were included in the guidelines, the whole colony need not be declared as a containment Zone for that.

The order of the Court:
“In view of the aforesaid arguments canvassed by the learned counsel for the petitioner as well as learned counsel for the respondents and also looking to the fact that affected part of Defence Colony..has already been declared as containment zone, we see no reason to declare the whole Defence Colony as a containment zone.”

The issue of increasing the number of Covid 19 beds were also taken up.
The Court reviewed that necessary steps were being taken by the Government to address this particular issue.
It directed the respondents to increase the number of ventilators needed too for Covid-19 treatment.

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