Failure of government officials in constituting a special committee to review internet restrictions amounts to contempt of court.

Bench of Justice N B Ramana had ased for a Special Committee on 11th November, 2019. The committee was to be made to determine the continuity of the restrictions imposed to 2G only.

Foundation of media professional files a complaint seeking for immediate restoreration of 4G internet services in the mentioned regions.

The court said that a special committee which is separate from review committee prescribed under the Temperory Telecom Suspension Rule 2017.
The committee compriesd of Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (Home Secretary), Government of India, Secretary, Department of Communications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India and Chief Secretary, Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Despite the court direct the committee has not done it’s work. The petitioner thus seeks for initiating of contempt proceedings and summoning of the committe members.

Application also challenges the government’s assertion that internet speed restrictions have not hindered COVID-19 control measures, further 4G network should be restored as it is a broad based demand which has been endorsed by Ram Madhav, National General Secretary of BJP as well, and it quotes a statement by Amit Shah, Minister of Home Affairs about J&K terrorism after abrogation of Article 370.

Petitioner prays for Interim relief by Supreme Court asking for a proper investigation by Special Committee and restoring 4G services in Jammu and Kashmir.

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