The Uttar Pradesh Government has cleared the Uttar Pradesh prevention Of Cow Slaughter (Amendment) Ordinance,2020 which imposes stringent penalties for the offense of cow slaughter.

The penalties under the ordinance include one year to ten years and fines up to 5 Lakhs.

Under the existing Ordinance, the maximum penalty is seven year’s Imprisonment.

Additional Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Awanish Awasthi said the ordinance has a provision where the authorities can paste the picture of the accused in public places in case of a run

The accused also has to bear the expenditure of the seized cattle untill Ine year or till the animals are released.

Penalties on injuring the cattle and inhuman transportation are also mentioned in the ordinance.

Those who are accused for the second time will be punished for a “double Penalty”
Back in 2017, the Central government had notified the rules related to cattle slaughter (prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
These rules become an important issue as a challenge in various High courts and reached the supreme court too.

In July 2017, the Supreme Court told to consider the advice received from various stakeholders to make necessary Amendments.

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