PIL filed in Supreme Court seeking CBI Or SIT probe – Elephant death in Kerala

A petition was filed by Advocate Avadh Bihari Kaushik and seeks the intervention of the SC monitored CBI Or SIT for the “horrific, tragic, brutal, cruel and inhumane act of some villagers committed near Silent Valley National Park in Mannarkkad district of the state of Kerala, probe into the recent death of a pregnant elephnat in Kerala reportedly due to accidental consumption of a firecracker.

Mr Kaushik mentioned that the similar incident took place in Kollam district of kerala wherein another female elephant had met with similar fate in April 2020.

He submitted that these are two incidents brought into public domain but the menace appears to be deep rooted, huge and serious and, prima facie, it appears to be a well calculated and organized killing racket to kill the giant animal. (Mentioned in his PIL)

In regards to above mentioned point he also stated that it is averred that since “authorities concerned/respondents have failed to prevent such killing of the protected animals despite the laws in place”, and out efforts for SIT Or CBI investigation as it would be imperative for this.

He contended that Forest Officials have stated that investigation into animal killings is very tough, in as much as it is “difficult to gather information in such incidents and locating the place where the wild animals meet with such fate is not easy”, so for this there should be SIT consisting of experts from relevant departments is important to curb the “illegal and brutal killing of elephants”.

He also mentioned the irreparable loss and injury caused to wildlife and such type of killing is punishable offence under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

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