To cut down the physical interaction in this crisis period, the private firm “RC ENTERPRISE” in Jaipur has deployed seven Robot Guards to maintain the social distance and to reduce the human interaction. The firm is a jaipur – based electronic appliances manufacturing firm.

The robots have taken all the responsibilities from carrying files from one place to another to marking attendance and taking visitors’ temperature and all the basic and essential work for the need of an hour.

They are synced with the working of entry gate, and allows the person to enter, only when the green signal comes from the robot. This has improved the condition of crowded atmosphere of the firm and has also reduced the chances for the human interaction in the times of Covid-19.

The director of the firm further says that they are looking forward for more robot guards so that they can be useful in watering garden and carrying necessary items to different floors.

The robots use artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IOT) to work and whenever they start running out of power, they head towards the charging point.

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