Unanimous resolution passed against LiveLaw by BCI for publishing an article criticizing the decisions of BCI Chairperson.

BCI clearly pointed out in it’s General Meeting that Live Law has allowed its platform to be used for a defamatory story prompted by ill-will and malice to make personal allegations against Mr. Manan Kumar Mishra who has never misused his position for any personal political benefit.

The article titled “Manan Kumar Mishra’s Personal & Political Battles Using BCI Chairman’s Office”, written by Vikas Bhadauria, published on June 1 became the biggest controversial article.

BCI will take the decision about lodging criminal case for defamation and/or suit for damages in the next general meeting stated in their press release.

The article stated that Mr.Manan Kumar Mishra was using his post not for the welfare of legal fraternity, but for advancing his personal and political interests.

In response the BCI marked a point-

“The said author has done cherry picking to suit his false story and has made reference to selective portions of certain statements and communications of Mr. Manan Kumar Mishra without giving full text and proper purport which has always been to advance the cause of the bar.

The story by Mr. Vikas Bhadauria is only scandal mongering and vilification campaign against Mr. Manan Kumar Mishra and we resolve to condemn and reject it with all contempt it deserves”.

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