Delhi Court rejects safoora Zargar’s bail plea in Delhi riots case.
Delhi riots which took place last December 2019.
The Proceedings were heard by Judge Dharmender Rana, Additional Court, Patiala House Court.
The Delhi Riot incident took place because of an Inflammatory speech give by Safoora Zargar as said by Delhi police.
The words which were spoken created an impression against the Government under the Citizenship Amendment Act. This incite the people which further lead to disrupt the normal functioning of the city and to bring the government Functioning at a halt.

The learned counsel from Safoora’s side affirmed that she gave a speech expressing her views about Citizenship Amendment Act not favoring the Government, which is not an antisocial activity as one can freely express themselves under fundamental rights in Indian Constitution.
Prior to her speech at Chand Bagh on February 23rd there were no signs of violence, the riot took place on 24th February.

Safoora is 21 weeks pregnant and vulnerable to Covid-19 Infection.
After considering the submission made by both the parties and the material before it, the court observed that any activity which tends to create a havoc in the city and put the government machinery to a halt as in the present case would be treated as an unlawful assembly under section 2(O) UAPA.

The court dismissed the bail plea and keeping in mind the medical condition of Zargar, the court requested the jail superintendent to provide adequate medical aid and assistance to her.

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