No Labour Laws Post Covid-19 lockdown?

No Labour Laws post covid lockdown?

States have started to prepare India for a post lockdown , knowing that the economy might be bottom lining . The State of Uttar Pradesh has proposed to bring about an Ordinance to shred out the labour laws. This might also be helpful in attracting More investors as an alternative to China, was stated by States like Uttar Pradesh.

Section 3 of the proposed Ordinance states that all the industries shall not have to follow labour laws for 3 years. This puts a huge dampener on basic human rights of the labourers. The exemption granted under the Ordinance from the Industrial Disputes Act and Factories Act, denies the very basic right granted under Article 14 and Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Equal Remuneration may not be paid and people will be unfairly treated.

The suspension of Trade Unions (granted by Article 19(1)(c) of The Indian Constitution) may lead to a huge dent in the Human Rights Conditions in the State.

This Ordinance is not only thoughtless but also might push a post covid India into a vicious cycle of Revolutions. It needs to be checked before the exploitation of workers begin at an unprecedented level.

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